Steps in buying a wedding dress

Trying on some wedding dresses

Trying on the wedding dresses you have found through research is such an important step as it helps confirm you are on the right track in terms of styles which suit you. The bride and rest of the bridal party may well feel they are making good progress (because they are!) and this helps keep the sense of fun and excitement through the process.

By already thinking about which styles best suit your body shape and doing research to find dresses that you like in those styles before trying on some dresses, you should also have avoided some of the most common causes of upset and problems for brides at this stage, which include:

  • when a bride hasn’t thought about body shape but has a very fixed idea of the dress they want, only to discover when they try it on that it really doesn’t suit their body shape. This can be upsetting for brides and may mean they have to start from the beginning again, which makes the whole process of finding a dress feel much longer and more frustrating.
  • when a bride has not done any research at all and so has no idea of what styles suit her or what type of dresses she likes. This means the visit to the wedding dress shop becomes the initial research step as the sales assistants will need to explain about body shape and styles and may not have dresses in stock in the styles which the bride likes. This again makes the process of finding a dress feel much longer and more frustrating.

So when you first visit a bridal wear retailer, keep an open mind. Try on the dresses you have already found through your research but also be prepared to try on other styles which may suit your body shape as you may find a style you really love.

It may also be worth asking one of the bridesmaids or mother of the bride to pick a wildcard dress to try on – something that is totally different to all the others you have tried on so far. If you really don’t like the wildcard dress, it helps confirm you are on the right track with the others you have already tried on. If you do like the wildcard dress, it can provide an interesting contrast to the other dresses you are trying on.

Brides may try on dresses in one or more bridal wear retailers depending on the designers stocked by each store. Visiting more than one store also gives brides the ability to compare the atmosphere and level of customer service in different stores. It is not uncommon for brides to end up buying their dress from a particular store because the high level of customer service made the whole experience so much more enjoyable for the bride and bridal party.

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    Claim your Listing
    Edit your Listing and add information

    Claim your Listing
    STEP 1

    • • Find your store in the Retailer Directory by typing in the name of your store in the box marked “Search by Shop Name” and clicking the search / magnifying glass icon.
    • Go down the list until you find your store.
    • Click on the name of your store and you will go to your directory entry.

    STEP 2

    • Once you are in your directory entry, move your mouse over the right hand side of the page and a button will appear that says “Claim this Listing”.
    • Click on this button and you will go to the Claim Listing page.

    STEP 3

    • Once you are in the Claim Listing page, type in your name and email in the boxes.
    • In the Comments box, type in your position within the store eg Owner or Manager or Sales Assistant etc. This additional information will help verify your claim.
    • Select the listing type you require by clicking on the circle next to Premium or Expert.
    • Accept the Terms and Conditions by clicking on the square.
    • Clicking the big “Claim Listing” button at the end of the page will take you to PayPal’s own pages. This Help Guide will not be visible on PayPal’s pages. So before you click on the “Claim Listing” button please note that on PayPal’s pages:
    • Important: If you do not already have an account with Paypal, click the button to use Paypal as a Guest and also click the “Do not have a PayPal account” button. If you already have an account with Paypal, log in to Paypal and complete your purchase as usual.
    • Important: You may need to change the Country to the UK by clicking on the drop down menu and selecting the United Kingdom.
    • Once you have made the payment via PayPal, you will see a message from us which includes the next steps.
    • Now click the big “Claim Listing” button at the end of the Claim Listing page to go to PayPal.
    • You will then go to the PayPal page where you will be able to complete the transaction.
    Edit your Listing & Add Info
    STEP 1

    • At the end of the page, click the “Edit My Listing” button and you will be taken to your Retailer Dashboard.
      Click on the name of your store and you will be taken to your Listing on the website.
    • Move your mouse to the right hand side of your listing and the “Edit this Listing” button will appear.
    • Click the “Edit this Listing” button.
    • A form will appear with the name, postal address and phone number of the store already filled in. Check these details are correct and amend them if necessary.
    • The form has other boxes in which you can add in other information. It is up to you what other information you wish to add.

    STEP 2

    • Type in your mobile, email and website address in the boxes.
    • If you have Twitter, Facebook or Google+ accounts you can add them in the boxes.

    STEP 3

    • Add the designers whose dresses you stock.
    • Firstly, click on the drop down menu list to add a Wedding Dress Expert Featured Designer whose dresses you stock. Click the Add More button to add additional Wedding Dress Expert Featured Designers whose dresses you stock.
    • Secondly, go to the Other Designers box and type in the names of any other designers (ie in addition to the Wedding Dress Expert Featured Designers listed above) whose dresses you stock. Please type in the names of the other designers you stock and put a comma after each of the designers’ names.

    STEP 4
    Type in any additional information you would like to add in the boxes provided. There are separate boxes where you can add:

    • a brief summary or introduction to your store.
    • your trading hours.
    • any industry awards you have won and any industry associations where you are a member.
    • a customer testimonial.
    • a second customer testimonial.
    • a third customer testimonial.
    • any Special Offers including Sale announcements.

    STEP 5

    • Click the Save Changes button at the end of the page to save the additional information you have just added.
    • You can edit and add further information whenever you like by amending the information in the boxes on this page

    STEP 6

    • Underneath the heading “Directory Dashboard” at the top of the page there are a row of sub-headings.
    • Click on the word “Listings” and you will go to the next page.
    • Click on the name of your store and your listing will appear.
    • Move your mouse across to the right side of the listing and a small picture of a camera will appear. When you put your mouse on the camera it says “Add frontpage photos”.
    • Click on the camera and you will go to the photo upload page.
    • Click on the button which says Choose Files.
    • Find the photo on your computer that you want to display on your listing. Click on the photo and then click on the Open button. The photo will then appear on the page. Repeat this process to add further photos, up to a maximum of 5 photos.
    • Click on the Submit button.

    STEP 7

    • Click on the Retailer Directory main menu at the top of the page.
    • Type the name of your store into the box marked Search by Shop name.
    • Click on the name of your store and you will see your directory entry.
    • Check your directory entry.
    • To make any amendments (or for Expert Directory entries to add more photos) click on the Edit Listing or camera buttons and follow the appropriate steps listed above.